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NGC 6952

Contest winner at AstrofotograficoNazionale RIGEL Astronomia 2016 Deep Sky

by Fabiomassimo Castelluzzo


 Sh2 173 Phantom of the Opera

by Fabiomassimo Castelluzzo

How long haven’t you looked up to the sky?… Well: do it at La Svolta

THE ASTRONOMICAL CENTRE MANCIANO, in our farm holiday resort is the first astrological field dedicated to astrophiles in central Italy.

At La Svolta we have always loved sky observation, indeed from the very beginning of our adventure we have decided to decorate the front of the house with a vertical sundial that marks the local time.

“Al calar del sole, l’ombra mia m’è tolta ma segno di giorno l’ora che può esser per te La Svolta”

The astrological field is in Maremma, one of the darkest areas in Italy, with no light pollution. It has a strategic location being very near Rome.

In the dedicated area, there are electricity served pitches for itinerant astrophiles and for anybody who wants to place there his own remote observatory. Four remote observatories have been working in the last 2 years .

The first (Digital Stargate Observatory) has provided images to www.astrofabiomax.it, and some of these are the subject of discussion on sectoral magazines (Nuovo Orione) and have been awarded at the prestigious APOD (http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap160129.html).

An online weather station allows to integrate weather forecast with local data in real time to program observations.

In this location many expert astrophiles have already found their ideal emplacements to observe the sky.

Specialized firms, such as “Avalon Instruments” (http://www.avalon-instruments.com/astronomical- center-manciano), have chosen it to be “the official position for research and development”.

La Svolta farmhouse aims to become the touchstone for events related to amateur astronomy, indeed many activities have already been launched and many others will be: events, lessons, membership dinners, star parties, astronomical jargon-free evenings, conventions, and meetings on astronomy and astrophotography.

Families who would like to accompany our astrophile friends will enjoy unforgettable stays.

… C’era una “Volta” … Quella del cielo … e a … La Svolta…c’è ancora…

We wish our astrophiles Dark and Serene SKIES…

Use Of Pitches

Pitches can only be rented to place instruments for sky observation.

Any use other than the specified ones is not allowed.

It is forbidden to place or use any light source or device that could disturb observational sessions.

The astrological field is located in an area where the lights of La Svolta don’t interfere with observation and photo sessions.

Those lights are often expressly turned off to reduce any disturb possibility to zero.

A surveillance camera registers any movement in the area of the astrological field.

For security purposes any activity in ACM must be notified to La Svolta staff in advance.

Contacts for information: Phone number +39 349 7834595  /  e-mail info@agriturismolasvolta.com